Spiritdance Holistic Training Approach

“HOLISTIC” is a term used by coaches who encourage people to access their full potential and make powerful changes that transform their thinking and actions.

Donna Brinkworth’s training inspires and motivates trackers by addressing body, mind and spirit. With insights into personal motivations, values and priorities, people set meaningful goals, are more disciplined and focused and achieve lasting results!

Donna’s training is not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Every team is provided with choices that suit their needs and desired outcomes. You know your dog best. Knowing yourself leads to training that enhances your relationship with your dog and provides deep satisfaction with every step on the journey – because coaching ultimately means – you did it YOUR way (with a little encouragement).

There are many paths to achieving a great partnership with your dog in tracking. Donna helps you explore these and choose the path that makes the most sense to you, so that your training is fun and enjoyable, because the journey does matter the most!

In years to come, the hours you spend training will probably be what you remember most about tracking. Spiritdance Tracking wants you to enjoy the journey and is honoured to share it with you.


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