New blog post offers tips to make the most of a training track!

In this new blog post, I provide details about the planning, plotting and running of tracks with tips to all trackers about making the most of your training. When you plan your weekend tracking training, you should put a lot of thought into your tracks, locations, and goals. Once the track is plotted and laid, make good use of it! There is nothing I love more than using a track more than once. I might run it again with the same dog or one of my other dogs either as a hot track, or after it has re-aged.

Last weekend I was able to do just this. After a training – practice track on Saturday, I laid a wonderful track on Sunday that was run by THREE dogs in a row. One ran it blind at two hours old, one ran it after it was aged 30 minutes, and my own pup Micah ran it hot at the end of our training session. Each track offered new things to consider and it was a real learning experience to see how age and scent affected each dog.

Judy end of track
After Peggy and Reggie (feature photo) ran the track at 2 hours old, Judy Wallace and her Border Collie Lark ran it at 30 minutes. Then my Micah ran the track hot, for motivation! 

The opportunity was created when a friend came to visit, and of course, to track! Peggy drove for 6 hours from Edmonton to Medicine Hat Alberta. She has been here before and we’ve tracked at the college, so I wanted to choose different locations for a new experience and help her prepare for future urban tests.

The Training Micah blog post has all of the maps and information about this great weekend.

Read more on the Training Micah Blog! 

Micah is growing up! Above she is pictured in her harness, and on the track, running it hot, right after Judy and Lark!


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