Looking forward to 2018!

We are growing again! Thank you to all of the participants both in-person and online who help me to constantly expand and focus on coaching and training! My goals are to help and share the wonderful sport of tracking with interested people across Canada.

2018 is a banner year for Spiritdance Tracking. A long time ago I made a promise to myself that this year would be special. I will be the same age as my mother was when she died very young from cancer. In that year, 1995, I started Spiritdance Tracking as a way of keeping joy in my life amidst the sorrow of loss.

Little did I know it would become a lifetime of passion and purpose. And through coaching and training, I hope to work with others who want the same kind of passion and purpose in their lives and training! I’ve always told myself that 2018 would be special and I am taking steps to make that happen.

This website (Spiritdance Community Online) has become a great place to share ideas and describe events and courses in detail. The new domain ‘spiritdancetracking.ca’ will help people find Spiritdance Tracking even faster and give a quick snapshot of what it’s all about.

In 2018 you can watch for

  • An increased focus on coaching
  • More weekend seminars hosted by other clubs in new locations
  • A Spiritdance Method tracking book
  • A series of small training booklets
  • A Spiritdance Holistic Retreat!
  • As time permits, Spiritdance weekend seminars, with first preference to existing clients as always

Oh yes, and my personal training goals of course are to get puppy Micah into tests, and TCH Ben into advanced tests to try out for our Master Tracking Title!

I wish everyone a wonderful year and look forward to working with you and to meeting new people too. Tracking is a great sport and attracts amazing people. Let’s commit to being good stewards of the sport and support each other and have fun!



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