The Book is Coming!

I have been working on a book FOREVER. And it is finally a reality! The Spiritdance Tracking Method (not the name – the book is not named yet) has been developed over decades of tracking, teaching and coaching. Visit the “Book Website” to learn more.

For now, I am calling it Godly Paths because the Bible verse of Jeremiah 6: 16-17 really touched my heart the first time I read it. In the New International Version of the Bible the original Greek text is interpreted as ‘godly paths.’ In other versions, the Greek is interpreted as ‘the good path’ or ‘the ancient path.’ The image the text evokes to me is not only about following God’s will, but also about my life path. It reminds me of the trust we need for tracking success.

On June 19, I was at a crossroads in my personal and working life, and the Daily Devotional I read, written by Dr. Charles Stanley, was called Look for the Good Way. It was a reminder to me about the website I had created a few years ago, the last time I had the energy to devote to writing. I began to write again while I was off this winter following hip surgery.

I invited you to read that Daily Devotional. So much about tracking relates to every day life and values. That is why I love tracking, and love to teach it and coach people. It is indeed a wonderful way to spend time with our dogs and with each other.

Here is a link to the daily devotion: Look for the Good Way, from June 19. I hope you enjoy it, and that it makes you think about your path, finding your way at crossroads, about the direction to follow, and finding rest in this busy and often difficult life.


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