2017 Tracking Seminar Schedule – Description, dates and registration information. Check back often as this page is updated frequently!

2017 Fall and Winter Webinars and registration details

Registration information:
2017 Fall and Winter Webinars and Online Classes



Fall -Winter 1:1 Dream Life and Performance Coaching

Personal Dream Life and Performance Coaching

  • Starts October 16. Limited to 4 participants per month
  • Life and Tracking Coaching – you choose!
  • Coaching will take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 6:30 or 8 pm MDT and take place every two weeks for a minimum of 3 weeks at a time.
  • To inquire and set up your first complimentary session please use the form here. 

2017 Tracking Seminar Series are full! Thank you. 

September 16-17 will be the last seminar for 2017. I will be busy judging from August to October. Good luck to everyone taking part in tracking tests across Canada! 

  • To inquire for more information about future opportunities, please contact Spiritdance Tracking using the submission form found in the “Learn More” section
  • Visit the Spiritdance Tracking Facebook Page for ongoing updates and fun photos and video of our tracking exploits!
  • Donna Brinkworth keeps Spiritdance Seminars small so that everyone has a lot of work and enjoys personal coaching and progresses throughout the weekend.

New! Innovative and Fun, Ground-breaking Workshops being offered in Alberta:

Personal Leadership and Team Success Workshops

This workshop is offered for individuals or for teams in a one-day, weekend or 3-week (once per week) format. Use the form in the Learn More tab to contact Donna and discuss this great new opportunity!

Make Nature your classroom and your dog – your partner! It is amazing how a dog’s honest feedback can change your outlook and challenge your beliefs. These workshops are designed to take participants on a journey of awareness, transformation and personal mastery. *Packages are all designed for your needs as a Customized Coaching Partnership!

The Faith Walk

Tailored for small youth and adult groups, this is a fun and innovative workshop sharing God’s word and harnessing powerful lessons from our canine companions. If you love your dog, you won’t be surprised to discover how God can use this special relationship to teach us and to open our hearts to the power of love and acceptance.

The Faith Walk – Lessons about Love, Healing, Trust, Faith and Discipline
Learn lessons about trust, faith, healing and God’s love. Use the form in the Learn More tab to contact Donna to discuss how this workshop might be a great fit for your youth groups, youth camp, and as a great adult activity leading to meaningful discussion while having fun! Read more about Donna here and about her faith-based coaching here.