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PS and Ben is now my 3rd Tracking Champion!

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Thumbnails below. To see them full size click here: Spiritdance Dogs through the years

GSDs through the years
I can’t imagine ever being without a German Shepherd. If you’ve had one, you will understand. The GSD is a loyal, devoted dog that completely gives its heart. I am looking forward to a new puppy after Caden’s untimely death from cancer in 2016 at age 8. I will be recording her training on a new blog called Training Micah. Stay tuned! I am in wait mode…
Border Collie Family
I am very blessed to share my life with such brilliant and loving companions! Ben is now my 3rd Tracking Champion (May 2017!)
Rough Collies
I will always love Rough Collies

My first Rough Collie was a very intelligent, old-type Rough Collie named Beau whose grandsire was the model for the famous Beswick Collie figurine. Beau was my constant companion, going for long walks with me, coming to work on my first job at “Centennial Park Logging Camp” in Thunder Bay and he even came to university classes and slept at my feet. He was the dog that set the tone for all that followed. Jessie, my first show dog, then Kate and Shaman who were both specialty winners and wonderful tracking and herding dogs. It was because of Shaman’s love of herding that I got sheep, then attended a clinic with Scott Glen in Cremona in 2004. Shaman earned a HIT shortly after, and became Canada’s top herding Collie in 2007. Jet, my first Border Collie followed in Shaman’s pawprints to do both herding and tracking. I will always love Rough Collies. Kate still holds the record for an amazing TDX in 11 minutes in 1994. Donna

On the left is “Suzy” a Karelian Bear Dog – Rough Collie cross. My sister rescued her and brought her home. For many years Suzy was my constant friend. I trained her and brought her to work with me when I worked at a historic fur trade post. Suzy even appears as a “Canadian dog” in a National Film Board documentary about the fur trade! In 1986 when I got married, Suzy stayed with my parents and she was my mother’s beloved walking and gardening companion. Suzt was a vert intelligent and very stubborn girl. I respected her smarts and enjoyed her companionship. She opened my eyes to the mixed breed and will always have a special place in my heart. Suzy is pictured here in 1987 with Hawk and Jessie (see the photos above) Donna