March Seminar Testimonials

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Best track ever! Just ran the track in strong, gusty winds and we both did really well. So proud of us both! If we never get into a test I will remember this track and know we can track, title or not… this was one of my big life goals and I would not have got here without you. BEST COACH EVER!!! Happy coaching and seminar participant!

Donna, you are one of the best instructors I have ever had! I don’t offer this comment lightly. Right from the first moment you made everyone feel welcome, setting the stage for relaxed and therefore effective learning. You have an unbelievable amount of knowledge and skill and yet such an unassuming, patient manner that everyone is engaged and just swept along on this learning experience – no intimidation, no anxiety. Your voice and manner of speaking to us as we work a track is especially effective – the timing of your comments is great and your words encouraging as well as helpful. Often instructors are rushed and with a single track point of view – the only solution is their way of training – you were very open to questions and adaptable in explanations to help us understand things we were struggling with.” Linda Elder, Prince George BC

Donna, I want to thank you for an excellent weekend of tracking in Red Deer! You are a fabulous instructor, one who really conveys the joy of working as a team with your dog, enthusiastic, knowledgable and just plain fun to work with! You display the passion that you have for the sport and it is infectious. The CKC is very lucky to have you and so are we here in Alberta. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend and plan to continue. in fact I am going out to do a trench right now! But before I do, I had to say how great the weekend was and I encourage others interested in Tracking to do a seminar with Donna!
Suzy Olsen, Calgary AB

This weekend was one of those times in life when you truly reflect. I learned so much about a sport I LOVE and about how I look at the world. I spent the weekend at an Urban tracking seminar put on by Donna Brinkworth and I have to say it more than exceeded my expectations… I can honestly say this last weekend was probably the BEST tracking seminar I’ve been to and I’ve been to a few now. Thank you again Donna for making the trip up to put this on and giving me some great material to process. I am so appreciative that you took your time to work with each individual person and dog and the progress was astonishing. It gives me goosebumps
BJ Clancy, Red Deer AB


Participant Reviews